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My 13 year old cat shadow just started this yesterday?

she try's to go to the washroom and she stands in the peeing position and you can see her stomach flinching but nothing happens, the worst part is…

ASKED BY Member 1202143 on 11/30/13
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Is my cat peeing on my bed because I don't give him on the spot attention?

My cat Bobo is about 6 months old and is neutered. Recently he has started peeing on my bed. Within the past month, he has peed on the bed three times…

ASKED BY Member 1200977 on 11/23/13
TAGGED peeing, bed, pee, pees, at, night, lack, of, attention IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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I have 2 cats, they have always shared a litter box - moved in with my fiancé who also has a cat and now one of mine wil?

one of my cats will not use litter box now that he is sharing with a third - all three are 'fixed' 2 males, on female

ASKED BY Member 1200621 on 11/21/13
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Female cat started peeing on my bed after spay and a year later still does it?

I took my 2 female Bengal kittens in for spaying at 5 months old. I assumed they would be sent home with pain meds but I was wrong. After a day one of…

ASKED BY Member 868430 on 11/10/13
TAGGED catpeeingonbed, catpeeingasaggression, catpeeinginappropriatelyafterspay IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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My female cat who is 13/12 years old has started peeing just outside her litterbox a little less than once a day. What s?

She uses it for everything else, and will even go to the bathroom at any other time during the day inside the litterbox. We had one that was smaller…

ASKED BY Member 1196348 on 10/27/13
TAGGED peeingoutsidelitterbox IN Behavior & Training

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Why is my cat peeing on just my bed?

We have 2 male, neutered cats. One of them has started to pee on just my bed about every other day for the past week. We moved his litter box from the…

ASKED BY Member 1192945 on 10/4/13
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Cat with prior UTI still peeing on couch?

I have a cat who recently had a UTI and now has been cured (but took a while) and she still now on occasion will pee on couch - I have cleaned the…

ASKED BY Cheddar, Almond, Razberry on 10/1/13
TAGGED peeing IN Behavior & Training

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