Preventing male attacks on unneutered male?

So, the last question I asked was answered and I was happy with it but here's another question towards the same point. Long story short - my kitten…

ASKED BY Yuki on 10/6/13
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What cat breed is right for me?

I'm interested in getting my first cat. I want a cat that is very affectionate but that can also be independent. I also want to get a black female…

ASKED BY Member 1141346 on 11/19/12
TAGGED blackcat, firsttimeowner, bombay, americanshorthair, americanwirehair IN Breeds

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Hi I am thinking about getting two kittens, but am worried that I won't be able to give them the time they need?

Hi I am thinking about getting two kittens, but am worried that I won't be able to give them the time they need, I live in a flat where a cat flap…

ASKED BY Member 1130595 on 9/13/12
TAGGED newowner, enoughtime IN Choosing the Right Pet

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How is an older cat going to react to moving into a new place and separation of a sibling?

Ive had my cats for well about 10 years n he (kitto) has a sibling (kuma) but now I'm moving out alone n taking him(kitto) because he's closer…

ASKED BY Member 1128810 on 9/1/12
TAGGED separation, grief, newhomesameownerforonecat IN The Catster Website

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I just adopted a 14 year old cat whose owner passed away, how can I help her adjust to her new home?

The cat I adopted was with her owner her entire 14 years. Sassy was at the shelter 10 days but I don't know how long ago the owner died. She is…

ASKED BY Member 1107230 on 6/23/12
TAGGED death, owner, behavior, elderlycat IN Adoption & Rescue


I want to know if my cat is a nebelung. The vet doesn't even know what that breed is (funny)?

According to the books he has the same characteristics though he may be a little bit friendlier but mostly is devoted to his owner (me) so HELP

ASKED BY Buddy on 5/8/12
TAGGED nebelung, catbreed, cet, breed, help, vet, owner IN Breeds

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We have a 3 yr old spay female cat who is peeing in weird places since we brought our dog home 2 ys ago. NO UTI?

We have a 3 year old spayed female cat who was perfect UNTIL we brought an 8 wk old puppy home two years ago. Since then, Emer kitty has decided…

ASKED BY Member 1100959 on 3/20/12
TAGGED cathatesdog, peesinweirdplaces, hatesowner IN Behavior & Training

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