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My cat, Baby, refuses to eat food if it is chopped ahead of time, even if I freeze it right away. I am not sure why?

Baby is a senior Siamese (13 years old), as are my other cats (a 14 year old Ragdoll, a 14 year old Maine Coone, and a 12 year old orange tabby), so I…

ASKED BY Member 1222086 6 days, 14 hours ago
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How can I stop my cat from stealing food from my son's plate?

Beau is approximately five months old, and is a food thief. We keep food in the kitchen secured away from our two young cats, but Beau steals right…

ASKED BY Beau on 12/16/13
TAGGED food, steals, stealing, baby, toddler, aggressive, bites, thief IN Other Behavior & Training

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8 week old kitten sick or growing? Should I be concerned? Please help?

I have an 8 week old kitten. He is usually active and playful. For the last couple days he has been sleeping a lot more and eating less. He still is…

ASKED BY Member 1178697 on 7/6/13
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Both cats on a raw food diet. My neighbor will feed them but they will run and hide for hours leaving the food to spoil?

Our family is all going away on vacation, so I need to get someone in to feed my cats.

ASKED BY Member 1042198 on 6/11/13
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Why is my cat scared of the ceiling? with no ceiling fan on it?

A few times a week my cat will look at the ceiling, get scared, and sprint out of the room. she will then come back into the room to check it out…

ASKED BY Member 1165161 on 4/14/13
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I was talking to my 6 yr and she started walking backwasds until she bumped into someth something she has done this twic?

She just came back as if nothing happened this has happened twice She was`nt frightened .It was just a normal walk

ASKED BY Member 1153701 on 2/5/13
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Why is my cat losing wieght? What are these bumps?

I have a cat named Callie, and she has turned 12 today, we have noticed recently she has lost at least 4 pounds, and has started losing her fur for no…

ASKED BY Callie on 1/30/13
TAGGED weightloss, hairloss, oddbumps IN Health & Wellness

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Why does my kitten like to watch me clean his litter boxes?

I have a male short hair kitten that is 3-4 months old. I adopted him a few weeks ago. Anyways every night I scoop his poop out and he always…

ASKED BY Whisper Addison Bullock on 8/18/12
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