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Why does my cat bring us random objects (like packs of tissues & a shoehorn) while meowing loudly then take them back?

My 9 year old black Burmese likes to bring us random things from around the house. If she can carry it in her mouth, it's fare game. She likes to…

ASKED BY Member 1153817 on 2/5/13
TAGGED toys, objects, hunting, gifts IN Behavior & Training

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I am a professional jeweler and I work at home. I really want to adopt a kitten but?

I'm afraid he might swallow any of the tiny components I work with. Can I do something to prevent that?

ASKED BY Member 1144569 on 12/10/12
TAGGED swallowingforeignobjects IN Swallowing Foreign Objects

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I inherited a siamese from my son. He's comfortable with all my animals but plastic bags he loves to chew on. I try to?

keep them put away. He did get to my shredder's bag. He's throwing up food but seems to keep water down. His dark-coloured legs have become gold…

ASKED BY Member 1144433 on 12/9/12
TAGGED eatingforeignobjects, vomiting, temperature, colourchange IN Swallowing Foreign Objects

 Pigeon -  misses you! :(

Slow page loading?

Pigeon id#1015796 - Hi everyfurbody! Could someone be so kind as to view my page and let me know if it is working? It seems to be slow…

ASKED BY Pigeon - misses you! :( on 9/4/09
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Is it normal for a vet to do surgery on a cat who is throwing up when nothing can be found in the stomach X-ray?

My cat is three years old and has been throwing up shortly after eating for the last three days. I just moved 12 hours away two weeks ago, but he…

ASKED BY Member 871031 on 8/25/09
TAGGED food, foreignobjects, surgery IN Swallowing Foreign Objects


Concerned after taking a waterless bath, she is acting very lethargic. Is she maybe sick frm licking herself afterwards?

She escaped from the house yesterday, and went behind the bushes along side the neighbors house! I'm wondering if she may have eaten something while…

ASKED BY Pandora on 3/14/09
TAGGED waterlessbath, lethargic, eatenforeignobjects IN Swallowing Foreign Objects