My male cat sometimes freaks me out. He just sits and stares at me?

He mostly does it when I'm sitting in the chair with my feet on the ottoman. I look down and he is just staring, like he sees right through me…

ASKED BY Fred on 7/9/13
TAGGED isitnormalforcatstostareattheirmoms IN Behavior & Training

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Is it normal and/or dangerous for my cat to lick a pumice stone?

Not only after I've used it either, if this makes a difference.

ASKED BY Member 1168270 on 5/2/13
TAGGED pumicestone, normal IN Health & Wellness

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First time here, question about my cats ulcer like sores?

I am really worried at the moment. I was scratching my cat Dodger under his neck and noticed these ulcer looking things. They do not seem to be…

ASKED BY Member 1118655 on 7/2/12
TAGGED ulcer, ulcers, sores, upper, lip, vet, pain, worried, upset, normal, eating IN Health & Wellness

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Please help me with my little kitty. 9 year old persian will not eat. I have been to the vet, they are stumped, me too?

She refuses to eat and now to drink - blood work, xrays and bromine tests all look normal. The vague diagnosis is pancreatitis, with a 50/50 chance…

ASKED BY Member 1098385 on 3/8/12
TAGGED illness, unexplainedillness, bloating, lossofappetite, weakness, refusingfood, refusingtodrink, testsareallnormal IN Illness & Disease

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My 1 year 5 month old female cat weighs 12 pounds is that normal?

Female kitty. 12 pounds. Spayed, and is an indoor ONLY cat. Gets fed 3 times a day wet food ( she shares with one other cat) and always has dry food…

ASKED BY Member 1080239 on 12/27/11
TAGGED averageweight, normal, cat, kitt, pounds, yr IN The Catster Website

Black Thorne

My 3 year old cat is eating a lot more than usual - I'm not sure if it's because winter is coming up or what…

In everything else he is behaving completely normally. My father said it's because winter is coming up, but I'm not sure if that's the case. Is this…

ASKED BY Black Thorne on 7/31/11
TAGGED food, eating, more, normal, weight, amount IN Health & Wellness


Is it normal for my cat out to hunt rabbits?

Yesterday my cat brought a little rabbit, he bit him on a side and then the rabbit had its guts out, and there was blood all over the kitchen.. I'm…

ASKED BY Guero on 5/29/11
TAGGED hunt, cat, rabbit, normal IN Behavior & Training

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