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My cat has a limp and refuses to move?

My female cat, age 10, has suddenly developed a limp in her front left paw and refuses to move for most of the day and lies on her side. Sometimes…

ASKED BY Member 1242166 on 2/9/15
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Is it normal for a new kitten to make an older male cat to put on muscle weight?

I have a 1 year old male cat who is neutered, we've just got him a 4 month old male who is also neutered as company. They love to play together and…

ASKED BY Member 1192387 on 10/1/13
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My cat has constant muscle spasms, and no one knows why?

He has been having full body spams for a month now. He's had x-rays, bloodwork, and epilepsy medication. Nothing has shown up, and nothing has helped…

ASKED BY Member 1111714 on 5/20/12
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My cat is clenching his muscles seemingly only when he is trying to sleep. I gave him some treats he got up. What is it?

Icky, my cat, seems very tired, which may or may not be unusual. He seems fine when he is alert. But when he tries to sleep his muscles start to…

ASKED BY Member 717435 on 8/25/08
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Why am I so Frightened and hide?Why are My pupils Dilated? I vomit and bloat..My stomach hurts.Am sorry for so many ?

I have copd in both lungs.Anne has one lung with scarring.We were exposed to asbestos,and a fine silt-like substance from a malfunctioning ac. I…

ASKED BY Crywolf on 7/18/08
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My cat recently starts "locking up" with its neck craned back(like a cramp) with its mouth open then keeps licking face?

He's ~7 years old (with FIV, but has been extremely healthy until this scare...) and within the past two weeks he's started craning his neck back…

ASKED BY Member 571141 on 2/17/08
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