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Why is my cat so tempermental?

My baby girl Lilly has always been a bit tempermental but overall she is a very good cat. But she really likes trying to slip past you when you open…

ASKED BY Member 1249668 on 7/24/15
TAGGED outdoorbehaviour, tempermental, bratty, attitude, jumping, hissing, growling IN Aggression

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How do I prevent my sick cat from being attacked by my roommate's healthy cat?

I moved in 4 months ago with my roommate. I have an 11 yr old male, she has a 2 year old female. When he was healthy their fights/playing was fine…

ASKED BY Member 1211260 on 1/29/14
TAGGED chronickidneydisease, fighting, environmentalstress IN Behavior & Training


Can mother cats sense mental problems as well as physical illnesses?

My cat Frootloops was born into a litter with 2 other kittens, both male (she's female). Her mother was a very friendly, sweet cat, but for some…

ASKED BY Frootloops on 12/12/13
TAGGED nursing, mothers, queens, kittens, abandonment, mental, problems IN Illness & Disease

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My cat is now 3 years old. I adopted her at three months. At birth, she was abandoned by her already feral mother. She w?

She is quite small and is apparently fully grown. She tries to suckle on shag-type pillows and sometimes fingers. She will freak out over nothing. She…

ASKED BY Member 867607 on 8/14/09
TAGGED health, small, aggressive, tempermental IN Other Behavior & Training


Do any of you know if their are any cat experts out there that help with cat behavior Problems?

My cat Smoky keeps my brother afraid because, she attacks you for no reason when you walk by!

ASKED BY Stripy on 6/5/09
TAGGED tempermentalcat, kitty, smoky, behavior IN Aggression