Bringing an 8 year old manx into a new home. any tips?

I just got an 8 year old manx (cole) from another family yesterday, He is very timid, it took him 7 hours to come out of his hiding corner and explore…

ASKED BY Cole on 5/19/13
TAGGED manx, adoption, newcat, existingcat, hissing, siamese IN Bringing Your Pet Home

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How is a cat's quality of life after it gets it's colon removed?

We have a 2 year old manx cat named Pippin who has a very hard time pooping. After many, many enemas and treatments, it's starting to look like…

ASKED BY Member 1154206 on 2/8/13
TAGGED manx, poop, colon, remove, surgery IN Health & Wellness

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Cat doesn't seem to know how to poop?

Alright, Caly is my new kitty (but I've had years of cat-experience) and I got her about a month ago. 2 years old. She seems to have problems…

ASKED BY Member 1088571 on 1/31/12
TAGGED poop, food, manx IN Other Health & Wellness

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Home needed for lovely young orange cat, appears to be a Cymric Manx?

A tailless orange beauty showed up in our herb garden and adopted us. We think it's a female, but we know little about cats. She loves people and…

ASKED BY Member 1088113 on 1/29/12
TAGGED adopt, rescue, manx IN Adoption & Rescue

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What is the other half of my cat's breed?

My cat is half Manx half something else. She is black and white with green eyes, ears like a Manx, and her nose half pink half black. Her tail is a…

ASKED BY Member 1077821 on 12/16/11
TAGGED manx, crossbreed, breed IN Manx

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Devastation over my 2 year old Manx who ran outside and I...........................…

I had a Manx who ran outside one night and never came back. She was a happy,vocal cat who loved to play fetch with anything.This cat was like my child…

ASKED BY Member 1065851 on 10/24/11
TAGGED manx, lost, devastated, advice, grief IN Behavior & Training

Dottie ♥

Is Dottie a Manx?

I do not think she is a purebred or anything but I think it is a good possibility that she could have some of that particular breed in her. She has…

ASKED BY Dottie ♥ on 1/22/11
TAGGED manx IN Manx

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