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My cat is terrified of the oldest (male) in the house. How do we solve this fear of hers? Nothing has seemed to work?

She is about a year old. Is fine with the other two members, both female. If she hears him moving at all she freezes, and if she sees him she…

ASKED BY Member 1245752 on 4/25/15
TAGGED male, fear IN Fears & Phobias

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HELP I've never been this upset in my life - my newly adopted female cat got out outside and we can't find her anywhere?

I have no idea how, but my 8 mo female spayed cat got out. Neither of us saw her get out, but we were doing spring cleaning all I can think is that…

ASKED BY Member 1243128 on 4/17/15
TAGGED lost, female, spayed, missing, indoorcatgotout, gotout, indoorcat IN Loss of a Pet

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Female cat peeing on me and my things?

My boyfriends female cat is peeing on my clothing (we have had her since she was a kitten and she is almost a year old now) she is always given lots…

ASKED BY Member 1244839 on 4/7/15
TAGGED urine, female, clothes IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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Cat Hates me?

I was best friends with my cat, Jakey and we love each other to death. We have had him 8 years. I made the mistake of bringing in a kitten named…

ASKED BY Member 1244526 on 3/31/15
TAGGED adult, male, angry IN Aggression

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Why is my neutered male cat mounting my friends unneutered male cat and vice versa?

Why is my neutered male cat mounting my friends unneutered cat and vice versa? Update : They're not really aggressive at all, they just run back…

ASKED BY Member 1242749 on 2/21/15
TAGGED behavior, aggression, male, mounting IN Behavior & Training

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Is indoor cat food better than regular?

What I really need to know is a good dry cat food for my male cats 7 years old that I can afford to feed them all. They are my babies and I want…

ASKED BY Member 1242392 on 2/14/15
TAGGED dryfoodformymalecatsyearsold IN Food & Nutrition

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My cat's neutered but he still humps and is able to cum. Is this normal?

People say that it's fine because the sperm isn't there anymore but it still has me worried. I really don't think he should have the desire to hump or…

ASKED BY Member 1242149 on 2/9/15
TAGGED neutered, male, six, humps IN Spaying & Neutering

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Is it regular for a cat to die immediately after fighting ?

My 2 year old cat died immediately after fighting with another male cat(like 1 minute later) , I recognized his voice from the window, so I rushed and…

ASKED BY Member 1241010 on 1/18/15
TAGGED male, fight, rabies IN Aggression

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