My sphynx kitty Julie has a horrible rasha nd litter box problems please heLP?

Julie is a almost 2 year old sphynx and has had this rash before we got her, we could have said no we don't want her but we didn't, we hoped that…

ASKED BY Juile on 8/2/10
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My female cat won't poop in her litter box anymore?

My cat has decieded that she dosen't want to poop in her litter box anymore, She'll pee just not poop. She'll poop somewhere in the house. I clean…

ASKED BY Member 844650 on 6/10/09
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My poor kitty is 12 years old..recently she's started to not go in the litter box when she has a bm?

She will urinate in the litter box. She goes to the bathroom right outside the litter box. like right next to it and she meows loudly when she goes…

ASKED BY Member 832432 on 5/2/09
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Do you have any foolproof litter box recommendations for a cat that doesn't lower hindquarters enough and pees over edge?

She is an 8-9 year old, spayed multibreed cat. I thought I'd solved the problem by buying a litterbox with a cover, but she urinates at the entry and…

ASKED BY Member 809234 on 2/26/09
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