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How do I litter box train my 8 week old kitten?

My 8 week old kitten is new to my house. She needs to get her injections in a few days. But the problem is, she will use the litter box when I…

ASKED BY Member 1232790 5 days, 5 hours ago
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Litter box + disease?

Hi, congrats on great site. We have 11 cats at home. They dont leave our apartment ever. THey dont have toxoplasmosis.

ASKED BY Member 1232669 1 week ago
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My cats have decided to stop using the litter box, and go to the bathroom all over my floor instead. help?

i have 3 cats. one of them is 2 years old and i have had her for a year and she is fixed. the other 2 are a year old and i have had them for about 7…

ASKED BY Member 1230034 on 7/22/14
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Behavior and Health questions about my new 1yr old rescue? SOS! (adopted lass than a month ago)?

My new 1yr old rescue kitty, Mango is having some issues im concerned about. He was treated with 2 rounds of revolution and both bathed and combed for…

ASKED BY Member 1229070 on 6/27/14
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My cat has been peeing outside the litter box. She'll crawl into the box, pee outside it. Why?

We were at the vet yesterday and nothing seemed wrong, medically. She's been doing this consistently (about once a day) for the past three weeks. No…

ASKED BY Member 1228910 on 6/27/14
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Possible reasons for missing the litter box?

I have a 7 year old only cat, with claws. Her litter box has been in the same spot for about 4 years. Because it sits on the hardwood floor I've…

ASKED BY Durga on 6/26/14
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Why is my cat completely avoiding his litter box suddenly?

Okay, so weve had my cat Graysen for almost 4 years and we never had a problem with him using his litterbox until about a year or so ago. A few…

ASKED BY Graysen on 3/31/14
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Olive (Ollie)

Why did my cat poop outside of her litter box and why is it discolored?

Today my cat pooped outside of her litter box and the poop was yellower than normal. I've had her for about a week and a half now and she seems to be…

ASKED BY Olive (Ollie) on 3/20/14
TAGGED litterbox, poop, discolored, newcat IN Other Behavior & Training

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