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My cay is 9yrs has started attacking growling and hissing at friends and is petrified of children, she will wee asscared?

ive seen a vet and have purchased pet remedy plug ins hoping this will help and she becomes just like a ferel cat the vet gave her full bill of health…

ASKED BY Member 1157080 on 2/26/13
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Izadore (Izzie)

To Guest who is considering getting a cat for her kids when mom is allergic.…

I am sorry my answer or "opinion" was not helpful to you. Unfortunately, after a LONG time working with animal rescue organizations, I've seen…

ASKED BY Izadore (Izzie) on 8/2/12
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My cat hates young boys and hides under the bed! Help?

My Cat is 10 months old, he hates my little brothers Friends. (who are like 8) and love all females,above the age of. He acts weird around my dad…

ASKED BY Member 1035507 on 5/31/11
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