My cat is itching a lot, but there is no trace of fleas, flea dirt, flea eggs, bites or injuries; what is it?

My cat has been itching herself a lot lately. I thought maybe it was just dry skin and changed her water more frequently as well as gave her a nicer…

ASKED BY Momo 5 days, 20 hours ago
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Kitty's scratching his left ear, shaking head violently, and laying his ears back.Vet says all clear. He's distressed?

Today my cat started laying his ears back flat, looking very annoyed, scratching his left ear very often, and shaking his head a lot. I thought…

ASKED BY Member 1184545 on 8/7/13
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List all causes of ear itch with means to identify which is which?

I saw a vet and was told bacteria was a problem. They sold me a 1 dose fix for $80.00 and it turned out to be a cure for worms, not ear itch…

ASKED BY Member 1151975 on 1/25/13
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Fleas! Cat and Kitten are still itching after treatment?

My kitten brought a pleasant surprise of tape worms and fleas with her, when we brought her home. It took us a month before we figured either of these…

ASKED BY Benz on 12/11/12
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My 7 yr old cat has developed a twitch in facial muscles. Also body spasms and nervousness. This is second day?

The cat is male, 7 years old, and normally is very layed back and loving. He acts as though he is scared about something and keeps flitting around the…

ASKED BY Member 1140122 on 11/11/12
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Shallow breathing, panting, twitching, stressed?

One of my cats (male tabby short-haired, 14 months) has been suffering from quick shallow breathing for about six weeks. (I also noticed he used to…

ASKED BY Member 1114602 on 6/8/12
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My cat is throwing up for no apparent reason?

My kitty got fixed 2 weeks ago and since yesterday she has consistently thrown up at 2pm. We feed them the recommended amount of food every day at…

ASKED BY Member 1080665 on 12/29/11
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Scabs all over my cat's lower back?

When we first got Bebe, she started getting some scabs on her lower back (Starting at the end of her tail and going up a bit) and we took her to the…

ASKED BY Bebe on 8/28/10
TAGGED lowerbackscabsitchingpainfleas IN Health & Wellness

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