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Kitty's scratching his left ear, shaking head violently, and laying his ears back.Vet says all clear. He's distressed?

Today my cat started laying his ears back flat, looking very annoyed, scratching his left ear very often, and shaking his head a lot. I thought…

ASKED BY Member 1184545 on 8/7/13
TAGGED ears, itching, irritated, shaking, head IN Answers

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I've been using baking soda that is meant for a cats litter box and i think that it has irritated my cats eyes?

One of his eyes looks smaller than the other while it is teary. Is there anything that i can do to help him? i cant really afford a vet right now…

ASKED BY Member 604196 on 3/6/08
TAGGED bakingsoda, irritatedeyes, tearyeys IN Emergencies & First Aid