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How should I introduce a new cat to my 3 cat home?

I'm adopting a kitty from a friend who can no longer care for him (he's young, maybe 9 months old). He's coming from a house that he has shared with…

ASKED BY Member 1150953 on 1/20/13
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Territorial female Siamese cat having trouble with new kitten?

I have adopted a new 9 week old kitten that my son has named Wylie.we already have a 8 month old Siamese cat,pearl who has an adventurous spirit.we…

ASKED BY Member 1139089 on 11/4/12
TAGGED introducingnewcat, behavior, territorial, siamese IN Behavior & Training

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Need tips on introducing two kittens to each other?

i recently brought home a new kitten (chloe, female) so that our 3 month old kitten (sully, male) could have a housemate when we're gone. sully did…

ASKED BY Member 1040960 on 8/12/11
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"New" Older cat won't come out of the bedroom. Resident younger cat wants to be social?

Two weeks and two days ago we brought Puss home. She is my husband's grandmothers cat, roughly 10-12yrs. We have Lily, a very sweet 2yr old. Lily…

ASKED BY Member 1019789 on 1/18/11
TAGGED oldercats, socialization, introducingnewcat, lonely IN Socialization


Will my cats personality change when I get a new kitty?

I had 2 cats that got along quite well, but 1 went missing 3 months ago. Munchkin, the remaining cat, was quite sad and I think she is lonely. She…

ASKED BY Munchkin on 6/25/09
TAGGED introducingnewcat, changeinpersonality, loneliness, companion IN Other Kittens

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How do I get my old cats to get along with the new cat that I have brought into the home?

I have had two cats both Himilayans for the last 10 years. Recently my neighbor pasted away and I took one of her cats. This cat has one eye and…

ASKED BY Member 664253 on 1/28/09
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My boyfriend's cat has NEVER been around other animals, but we're about to move in together and I have 3 cats of my own?

I've seen some great advice on introducing new cats on this site, but my situation is a little strange because my bf's cat has never been around other…

ASKED BY Member 293848 on 8/10/08
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My cat had a major personality change without anything tramatic happening!!!! Can someone help out a new cat owner?

Hi everyone! I found this sweet stray cat, Nico, whining and hungry outside my apartment. My boyfriend and I adopted him. I have 2 other cats, Keiko…

ASKED BY Member 640859 on 6/4/08
TAGGED personality, introducingnewcats, unhappycat IN Behavior & Training

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