How well a egytion mau cat speed, agile, acrobatics and hunting?

How fast are they exactly I read 36mph few sites and breeder. How well a hunter are there exactly I was told there small snake hunters? How…

ASKED BY Rex on 6/22/13
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Why does my cat bring us random objects (like packs of tissues & a shoehorn) while meowing loudly then take them back?

My 9 year old black Burmese likes to bring us random things from around the house. If she can carry it in her mouth, it's fare game. She likes to…

ASKED BY Member 1153817 on 2/5/13
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My one year, 2 month cat is constantly bringing in animals, not for affection?

When Sydney was 12 weeks, a door slammed on his head, since he is never behaved as a normal cat, although the vet said there should be no issues…

ASKED BY Member 1032908 on 5/5/11
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