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I'm worried about my cat going outside.... We recently moved and I'm scared he will get lost?

He used to go out all the time at my moms, and he would always come home. Always. But now that we're at this new apartment, he wants to go out, it's…

ASKED BY Member 1221818 on 4/11/14
TAGGED insideoutsidecat, newhome, goingoutside, worried IN Other Behavior & Training


What do i do I have an 8 year old cat that will not go in the litter pan?

We got Squishy a few years ago, and she has always had problems going in the litter pan, but now she is going on the wood floor, next to her food…

ASKED BY Squishy on 12/29/09
TAGGED carpet, goingoutsidethelitterpan IN Urine Marking & House Soiling