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Trying to get two cats male and female to get along! Should I get a kitten to bring them all together?

Male cat was here first, just lost his cat companion, really lonely, looks for this new cat meowing and following her. Female cat is new to the home…

ASKED BY Member 1199953 on 11/17/13
TAGGED kitten, gettingalong, twocats, fighting IN Socialization

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Is a ragdoll good for me?

No one is in the house for 9h in the day. Im desperate for a cuddily, fluffy cat but my worry is if Ragdolls can be trusted in the house by itself…

ASKED BY Member 1148640 on 1/7/13
TAGGED independent, cuddly, fluffy, cute, lap, kitten, house, desperate, worry, ragdoll, ragdolls, trust, trusted, in, the, itself, im, worried, it, will, scratch, down, about, getting, but, is, this, good, for, me IN Ragdoll

Izadore (Izzie)

To Guest who is considering getting a cat for her kids when mom is allergic.…

I am sorry my answer or "opinion" was not helpful to you. Unfortunately, after a LONG time working with animal rescue organizations, I've seen…

ASKED BY Izadore (Izzie) on 8/2/12
TAGGED allergies, otherpets, gettingapetforthekids IN Adoption & Rescue

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Have a question for you. We have two cats, 3 and 4 years old. They are 1 year apart in age and both females?

They are both spayed as soon as they were able to be, (8 - 10 weeks) whatever it was. They have been together ever since and usually cuddle up…

ASKED BY Member 1117229 on 6/23/12
TAGGED fight, notgettingalong, altercation IN Aggression


How can my 9 month old cat, Pantera, get along with my new 2-3 month kitten, Tripp? When they met, Pantera hissed?

I want to know what does it mean when Pantera hissed and what can I do to help them get along.

ASKED BY Pantera on 6/14/11
TAGGED gettingcatsandkittensgetalong IN Behavior & Training

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