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My cat was recently diagnosed with end stage kidney failure and will not eat anything but friskies..…

A few weeks ago is noticed my 3 year old cat looked and was acting very sick. I took him to the vet and she tested his blood and said he had barely…

ASKED BY Member 1201149 on 11/24/13
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Back biting. Flea meds have been applied. What could be the cause of this affliction?

My cat, Harry, is over 5 years old. He keeps biting a patch of his lower back and has chewed all of the hair off. He has had his flea treatments and…

ASKED BY Member 1053581 on 9/7/11
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My cat smells her cat food and then gags?

My cat smells her cat food and then gags, nothing comes out its like her gagging cause of the smell. this is the second time she has done this.... she…

ASKED BY Emma Ferguson on 2/22/09
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