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Which breed is for me? I'd like your opinion :) & Persian/Ragdoll?

I'm looking for a relatively small cat that will be a good cuddle mate for me. I live with my family but I want a cat that will be solely mine, like…

ASKED BY Member 1148504 on 1/6/13
TAGGED persian, ragdoll, britishshorthair, new, kitten, whichbreed, help, opinion, advice, size, friendly, cuddle IN Breeds

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My cat of 14 yrs won't come in the house i feel like shes scared of something i feed her out there, shes healthy?

i have picked her up and brought her into the house put her on my lap and pet her then 2 min later she jumps up and off to the door. i don't want to…

ASKED BY Member 1135064 on 10/9/12
TAGGED scaredbutfriendlywontcomeinside IN Behavior & Training

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Unfriendly kitten, will she lighten up?

My scottish fold is almost 9 months old, and she's always been quite snobby. She won't come to us of her own accord, she doesn't snuggle, and if we so…

ASKED BY Member 1129171 on 9/3/12
TAGGED unfriendly, kitten, scottishfold IN Socialization

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My cat is a old unaffectionate cat, is there any way to fix this?

So we've had my cat since she was a kitten, she's an all black domestic shorthair. She was spayed at a very young age. We've always held her, ect…

ASKED BY Member 1117149 on 6/23/12
TAGGED cat, old, mean, friendly, dislikesunknownpeople IN Behavior & Training

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What are some simple ways to "green" your cat's lifestyle?

Are there any changes -- to litter, toys, food, etc. -- anyone would suggest?

ASKED BY Member 871456 on 4/12/11
TAGGED ecofriendly, earthfriendly, green IN Home Grooming

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My pet,Cheerio, eats very little and he doesn't poop or pee for the past 3 days.Whats wrong with him?He;s just new?

My pet,Cheerio, Does not want to eat and he doesn't poop or pee for the past 3 days.Whats wrong with him? He seems like he wants to poop by lying on…

ASKED BY Member 548419 on 8/26/09
TAGGED constipated, worm, doesnteat, newcat, newcatdoesntwanttoeat, poorkitty, kitty, obese, whiskas, fish, notdrinkingoreating, waterandfood, apartmentownerselling, weight, underweight, poopandpee, poop, pee, notpoopingorpeeing, notpooping, notpeeing, jaiho, friend, friendlycatissick IN Medications

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