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Will be kitty be okay?

I have a beautiful kitty named Luna. She is 8 months old, spayed and has been living with me since she was just 8 weeks. Unfortunately, the last…

ASKED BY Member 1249225 on 1/9/16
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What is the best way to warm sub-Q fluids (for chronic renal failure)?

I was just diagnosed with CRF, and my vet wants me to get 200mL of sub cutaneous fluids every day! That's an awful lot of fluid in a little cat and…

ASKED BY Kyle on 6/23/11
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How to know whether to do fluids on older cat with kidney disease?

Our 12 year old cat has been diagnosed with kidney disease (stage 2). One of the vet recommendations is iv fluids 2 x daily. Our cat is a great cat…

ASKED BY Member 809886 on 8/22/10
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