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How can i relieve my cats flea allergy?

My cat has an allergy to flea saliva that she has had for years we recently switched to a cheaper spot on and it was a big mistake as it didn't work…

ASKED BY Member 1239773 on 12/29/14
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Does my kitten have fleas? help please?

Hi we brought a kitten a few weeks ago (to be told she was 6 weeks when we got there- mother had already been taken away so if we hadnt had her…

ASKED BY Member 1234078 on 9/15/14
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Why is my cat eating dirt?

We have a 7 year old neutered tom. Recently he has been licking dirt and eats sporadically. A few weeks ago we had a flea collar on him, but took it…

ASKED BY Member 971242 on 8/10/14
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Does my cat have fleas?

My 4 year old white persian cat was pregnant a few months ago and had a messy birth. There was blood all over her back area and tail. The kittens…

ASKED BY Member 1231506 on 8/9/14
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Are some flea medications toxic?

I used a Costco brand flea control on my cat. It is a Kirkland product. My cat vomited and had diarrhea two days later. Could the cause be the flea…

ASKED BY Nini Stephanie JoJo on 7/25/14
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Behavior and Health questions about my new 1yr old rescue? SOS! (adopted lass than a month ago)?

My new 1yr old rescue kitty, Mango is having some issues im concerned about. He was treated with 2 rounds of revolution and both bathed and combed for…

ASKED BY Member 1229070 on 6/27/14
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My cat has fleas which won't go, and I have used recommended shoes to stop him scratching which made his feet swell help?

My cat has fleas which I cannot get rid of. I have tried everything and they will not go. I am assuming he is allergic as he has lost all fur on his…

ASKED BY Member 1201297 on 11/25/13
TAGGED cat, fleas, swollenfeet, blood, hairloss, wounds, excessivegrooming, constantscratching, pleasehelp IN Health & Wellness

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