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Unfixed Female cat becoming overly affectionate with male kitten?

Hello! I am have some concern over my unfixed female cats recent behavior. You see, we recently adopted a precocious male kitten, 6wks. Today I…

ASKED BY Member 1248467 on 6/22/15
TAGGED unfixed, cat, kitten, behavior, affection, grooming, stalking, obsesses, heat IN Other Behavior & Training

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Why is my fixed male cat so aggressive with people?

My male kitten was fixed 2 months ago but still frequently acts like he did before he was fixed. He was always a big sweetheart until he went into…

ASKED BY Member 1247410 on 5/31/15
TAGGED aggressive, male, fixed, heat IN Behavior & Training

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Ear problems in kitten?

I have a 9 month old kitten, that has a bit of an ear problem. I adopted her when she came to my door step at 3 weeks old. she was flee and worm…

ASKED BY Member 1165283 on 4/15/13
TAGGED ears, cats, kitten, mites, fix, earwax IN Health & Wellness

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Why does my cat get butt fluffs and try to mate with my pillow?

I have a very hard time understanding this. My calico cat Marble wants to be petted and I'll pet her. Then she purrs and twitches her back. After…

ASKED BY Member 1145917 on 12/19/12
TAGGED hump, pillow, fixed, mating, sex, purr, butt, fluff, back, twitch IN Behavior & Training


Two of my feline babies,have a unique habit.They like to lick MY tongue.WHY?

Kevin was found at a VERY young age! As a result,I spent a lot of bonding time with him.He was very afraid,and spent EVERY moment with me! Part of…

ASKED BY Kevin on 10/21/12
TAGGED oral, fixation, aggressive, nighttime IN Behavior & Training

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Does my little hyperactive hurricane need a new home?

I have two cats, one was a stray when we adopted him so he is estimated to be between 2-4 years old. He is very VERY relaxed. The other is a little…

ASKED BY Member 1134752 on 10/8/12
TAGGED hurricane, hyperactive, poop, pottytraining, fix, bored, female, carpet IN Behavior & Training


Male cat mate male kitten?

My 5 months old male cat, Macaroni, is trying to mate with my 2 months old kitten! The little kitten is crying and trying to leave. I am going to…

ASKED BY HutChi on 5/20/12
TAGGED mate, male, cat, kitten, fix IN Behavior & Training

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My female cat was fixed in march and has taken to peeing in my sons bed, same exact spot each time?

It happens about once every 2-3 weeks. I have cleaned his bedding & the mattress (crib mattress material) with strong cleaner.

ASKED BY Member 1110773 on 5/14/12
TAGGED fixed, peeing IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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