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Female, 12 year old cat living with 2 other males pees all over the house, and the boys are almost as bad-what can I do?

My family and I have 3 cats (2 males one female, aged 16, 12, and 12) living in our house and one who lives outside on our patio (female). We have…

ASKED BY Member 1119764 on 7/9/12
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Went on Vacation, came back friend never cleaned litter boxes cat is peeing every where even though I cleaned them. :(?

Left for xmas 5-7 days max. Came home 11 pm to urine smell ALL over my house! First thing I checked as I know my cats do not do this unless their…

ASKED BY Ziggy on 1/12/11
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Why wont she stop chewing?

My kitten Bijou is a lovely kitten but my mum believes she is the reincarnation of Marley from Marley & me. She chews through ANYTHING and eats it…

ASKED BY Bijou on 11/22/09
TAGGED kitten, biting, chewing, bad, everything IN Methods of Training

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I give my cat monthly baths, but she hates water and wasn't treated to water before we adopted her. Am this right?

She is over a year old and hates water very much becuase she wasn't introduced to water before we adopted her, 9 months ago. My dad and I are…

ASKED BY Member 630503 on 7/14/09
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I took my female cat to get spaded she is still peeing eveywhere, we have had the vet check her bladder & its fine?

she has only just starting doing this please help is there anything I could buy to help this problem. The vet said something about her being…

ASKED BY Member 810013 on 3/1/09
TAGGED peeingeverywhere IN Behavior & Training

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