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Uploading pictures?

I've used dogster for years but I just created a page for my kitten. I keep trying to upload pictures but it will either sit there for a long time and…

ASKED BY Member 61530 1 week, 4 days ago
TAGGED pictures, error IN Pet Page

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Catster won't let me upload photo of my cat?

Every time I try to upload a picture of my cat, I get this message: "Dang! There was a problem reading the file." I have tried the file in both .jpg…

ASKED BY Member 1079701 on 11/20/14
TAGGED photos, error, upload IN The Catster Website

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Why did my question come up with There is no question found at this address?

There is no question found at this address. Why?

ASKED BY Member 1195474 on 10/22/13
TAGGED error, question, question IN Answers

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How do I make my cats get along? One of them seems to be terrorising the other.…

Hi, I'm just looking for some advice - I have had my first cat since he was old enough to live away from his mother and he is now about 2 - 2 1/2…

ASKED BY Member 1090627 on 2/8/12
TAGGED chasing, hiding, terrorising IN Socialization

Angel ♥Kally Kat♥

Thanks furriends furr your help. This is what Catster HQ replied back to me. Merry Catmouse tew yew all?

Elizabeth, Sorry you had some trouble. The Last Forum I Posted In link on Kally Kat's page did not work for me either. I've asked the Techno Cats…

ASKED BY Angel ♥Kally Kat♥ on 12/23/09
TAGGED httperror IN The Catster Website

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Help...kitten is terrorizing my senior cat and it's effecting her heath?

How can I get my 10-month-old kitten to stop terrorizing my 13-year-old cat? Gracie is constantly attacking Missy by pouncing on her, ambushing…

ASKED BY Member 824764 on 4/9/09
TAGGED terrorizing, bullying, kittens, playing, aggressive, training IN Behavior & Training