Egg allergy?

Toki loves her day old chicks once a week but she will not eat the egg yolk that always leaks out. I've tried to give her just an egg yolk from an egg…

ASKED BY Toki on 8/28/13
TAGGED food, egg, yolk, allergy IN Homemade Food

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Help me please.. I have had 2 17yr old cats from the same litter, I needed to put one to sleep this past may, and ever s?

Help me please.. I have had 2 17yr old cats from the same litter, I needed to put one to sleep this past may, and ever since, all the other cat…

ASKED BY Member 1144877 on 12/12/12
TAGGED food, excessivemeowing, begging IN Other Behavior & Training


When should I get my 2 month old kitten neutered?

Well the basic question here is, when is the best time to get him neutered? I have a female 3 legged non spayed cat who is almost a year old, but…

ASKED BY Gimpy on 5/29/12
TAGGED kitten, neutering, legged IN Health & Safety

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How do we fix an area of our yard that's a breeding ground for roundworms?

Just found out yesterday one of our cats has roundworms. He's quite the hunter. We subsequently treated both our (indoor/outdoor) cats w/meds, another…

ASKED BY Member 969969 on 3/2/10
TAGGED cat, cats, worms, roundworms, yard, litter, feces, eggs, larvae, disinfect, ascarid, ascarids, toxocara, cati, toxascaris, leonina IN Health & Wellness


My cat won't stop begging for food, what to do?

My cat Barnum is always eating! Both sides of his bowl are filled with kitty food and he eats it all, sometimes. He then gets some water and sits on…

ASKED BY Ziggy on 8/16/09
TAGGED foodkittenbegging IN Behavior & Training


Night-time Concerts and Evening Meows.…

I have a 1 yeah old, neutered cat who starts meowing every 'day' at about 4:00am! He was recently at the vet so he is healthy and not in pain. We have…

ASKED BY Digit on 7/14/09
TAGGED meowing, night, howling, begging IN Behavior & Training

Indiana Angel Cat

My vet just prescribed Metacam and Cosequin for my kitten?

He is not even a year old yet, but his hind legs appeared slighty-bow legged and he has trouble jumping up on high things. The doc. said he has a lot…

ASKED BY Indiana Angel Cat on 6/28/09
TAGGED bowlegged, spine, jumping, arthritis, pain, inflammation, geneticdisorder IN Medications

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