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My beautiful burmese siblings of the opposite sex all of a sudden are not getting along what do I do?

my burmese cats are siblings and they have ALWAYS been close with each other and me. They both would curl up on my bed with me and are very loving…

ASKED BY Member 1230262 on 7/25/14
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I need help with de-fleaing my two eighteen week old kittens URGENTLY?

My kittens are eighteen weeks old and I need help de-fleaing them,I need to know what things to use and how to use them,they love to scratch and…

ASKED BY Member 1133290 on 9/28/12
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How do i help my cats to get along again? they viciously fight and even bit my husband in the middle of the night?

i have two female cats, both who are spayed. i have raised them from kittens for 2 years along with their two sister dogs. they have always gotten…

ASKED BY Member 976495 on 3/23/10
TAGGED twocatsarebitingeachotherandcausingoneanothertobleed IN Aggression