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I have a cat needing vitamin b shots and fluids regularly and am trying to determine whether there's an underlying issue?

His age is unknown, with the vet estimating 12 years. We've had him for 8. He's always thrown up frequently. About two years ago, he'd lost…

ASKED BY Member 1213289 on 2/26/14
TAGGED dehydration, vitaminb IN Health & Wellness

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My cat is 17 years old barely eats, is throwing up and has bloody diarrhea?

My cat is 17 years old, 4 lbs, and throwing up after eating. She has almost stopped eating all together and what little she does eat, she usually…

ASKED BY Member 1184697 on 8/8/13
TAGGED sick, throwingup, vomiting, old, senior, bloody, diarrhea, noteating, lossofappetite, dehydration, ill IN Emergencies & First Aid

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My cat was hit by a car,hasnt been drinking water,the vet said he needs electrolytes,can i feed him plain chicken broth?

he was hit by the front bumper of a car on 2/27/13 once hit by the car he ran off while the right wheel ran over his tail and mustve popped it out…

ASKED BY Member 1157566 on 3/1/13
TAGGED chicken, broth, cat, car, electrolytes, drinking, water, dehydration IN Food & Nutrition


How long do I give my dehydrated kitty to drink water?

We took out cat Squeaky to the emergency vet last night. She hadn't eaten all day, and had been throwing up white foam and became wobbly. We ran to…

ASKED BY Squeaky on 1/18/10
TAGGED blockage, dehydration, whitefoam, vomit IN Health & Wellness

Walrus ~In loving Memory~

I have a five week old kitten who is loosing energy and has stopped please?

So, our five week old kitten is loosing her energy fast. About three days ago she stopped drinking as much as she did, and you can barely tell that…

ASKED BY Walrus ~In loving Memory~ on 7/7/09
TAGGED dehydration, vet, gross, poop, nearly, dead, reviving, please, help, not, eating IN Health & Safety


I just got neutered three days ago and I've had diarrhea ever since. Is this normal, and can my mommy help me?

One time, my doody came out half diarrhea and half normal, so my mommy thought I was getting better. But I had diarrhea again today, and last night I…

ASKED BY Gremlin on 12/12/08
TAGGED diarrhea, neuter, dehydration IN Illness & Disease


How do you rehydrate a cat?

So, we've known for 3 years that he has hyperthyroidism, and today we switched vets *cause the last one accused us of neglect because he wasn't…

ASKED BY Teal on 9/3/08
TAGGED dehydration IN Other Health & Wellness

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