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Cat won't share litter box?

A friend of mine moved away and gave me her cat. The cat is extremely loving and all around wonderful except for one problem. She won't use the litter…

ASKED BY Member 1246359 on 6/9/15
TAGGED declawed, litterbox, peeingoneverything IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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What sex kitten/young cat to add to a household with ten year-old male who recently lost brother?

I have a ten year-old male, indoor-only, domestic medium-hair I adopted along with his brother when they were just a month old. About five months ago…

ASKED BY Member 1239612 on 12/26/14
TAGGED adult, resident, indoor, declawed, kitten, gender IN Choosing the Right Pet

blue bear

Blue bear and his litterbox problem?

my cat blue has a litterbox problem. he goes to the litterbox, but he won't squat.. he just stands and pee goes everywhere. he has never been the best…

ASKED BY blue bear on 10/27/13
TAGGED litterbox, confusion, declawed, neutored, multiplecats IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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Indoor only cat, moving in with in/outdoor cats with constant outside access?

In a few weeks I'm moving to California to live with my boyfriend. We've rented an apartment, but while we wait on closing and final preparations…

ASKED BY Member 1132005 on 9/22/12
TAGGED indoor, outdoor, moving, declawed, safety IN Socialization

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Our newly adopted adult declawed cat is obsessed with getting outside. How can we help her enjoy the indoors?

We adopted two adult cats together after their owner passed away. They are so fantastic in every way we joke that we hit the cat lottery. They're very…

ASKED BY Member 1081623 on 1/3/12
TAGGED indoor, declawed, escaping IN Behavior & Training


What to do with a mean, antisocial cat?

My husband’s grandmother died and she had two cats-one as sweet as can be and the other notorious for hissing at all visitors. Well, the sweet cat…

ASKED BY Felix on 7/23/11
TAGGED antisocial, mean, aggressive, shy, male, declawed IN Other Behavior & Training

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