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Our young cat suddenly died. Please help us figure out what happened?

Two weeks ago our beloved cat Jackson passed. He was a beautiful, active and healthy cat of only three and a half years. We are still baffled at how…

ASKED BY Member 1210640 on 1/20/14
TAGGED death, seizure, stroke IN Health & Wellness

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Feeling so guilty for putting my 5 month old kitten to sleep. Did I do the right thing?

My boyfriend and I adopted a very sweet kitten from a local shelter in September. He was sick when we got him but he 'chose us' and I loved him and…

ASKED BY Member 1200185 on 11/19/13
TAGGED petloss, death, kitten IN Health & Wellness

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How do I get over the guilt of having my cat put down.…

My cat (we think 16 or 17) has had problems for the last year or so with bowel control. We watched him for any signs of discomfort but he continued…

ASKED BY Member 1194272 on 10/13/13
TAGGED grief, loss, sadness, death, euthanasia, petloss, needhelp IN Health & Wellness

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Kitten Death - Why?

I found a kitten a mother abandoned and it passed within a week. I am looking for answers on why it may have died. It was starving because the…

ASKED BY Member 1184641 on 8/8/13
TAGGED kitten, death IN Kittens

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Can't find my cat that is in labor but I found one of the kittens?

My year old cat is pregnant and she gave birth to a kitten and didn't chew is placenta off. I found the kitten with my male cat just in the middle…

ASKED BY Member 1181048 on 7/18/13
TAGGED breeding, newbornkittens, pregnant, lifeordeath IN Kittens


How can I help my cat cope with the loss of her sister?

Recently, my youngest cat, Millie, had to be put down due to a blood clot blocking flow to the hind legs. I have two other cats (and one dog) that…

ASKED BY Joel on 4/25/13
TAGGED greiving, sisters, loss, death, coping IN Behavior & Training

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I think my cat is dying?

I think my cat is dying. It's been some time since I've first noticed the tumor on her breasts and it only got worse since. I'm just so scared and I…

ASKED BY Member 1148958 on 1/8/13
TAGGED deathcancerithinkineedadoctor IN Health & Wellness

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