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I don't know why my 2 years old cat died please help me.…

My thai female went missing on 15th of july, i thought she was just on a walk around the neighborhood but she didn't show up no matter how much we…

ASKED BY Member 1249451 on 7/18/15
TAGGED cat, female, loss, death, thai, angora, mix IN Health & Wellness

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My younger cat started fight (to death) older cat?

So my younger cat is 6 year old and older one is half year older. They have been great friends from their meetup and are indoor cats (they go to…

ASKED BY Member 1248344 on 6/20/15
TAGGED twocats, attacks, scarytodeath IN Aggression

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My elderly cat has been missing for 24 hours - I'm afraid she's gone to die alone?

We keep the window open all day for the cats and they are kept in in the evening.She's 13 years old and in quite good health but starting to show…

ASKED BY Member 1241553 on 1/28/15
TAGGED senior, elderly, death, missing IN Senior Pet

Miss kitty

Should my older cat get shots? can she even get them?

MY grandma and grandpa gave me a cat around 04 or 05, they found her in the woods and never took her to the vet. Should i take her to the vet to get…

ASKED BY Miss kitty on 12/27/14
TAGGED shots, older, health, vet, death IN Health & Wellness

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My cat has lived with other cats until recently. Should I get her another cat companion?

I rescued Stella when she was about 4 months old. I had 2 older cats at the time. All got along but werent besties. 1 passed year half ago from…

ASKED BY Member 1238881 on 12/11/14
TAGGED companion, death IN Socialization

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My cat has not been the same since his sister passed away. What should I do?

My cat's sister recently died suddenly of cancer. No one saw it coming. She was fine one day and then she had a lump on her neck the next day. It…

ASKED BY Member 1228913 on 6/21/14
TAGGED grief, depression, cat, death, cancer IN Other Behavior & Training

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Our young cat suddenly died. Please help us figure out what happened?

Two weeks ago our beloved cat Jackson passed. He was a beautiful, active and healthy cat of only three and a half years. We are still baffled at how…

ASKED BY Member 1210640 on 1/20/14
TAGGED death, seizure, stroke IN Health & Wellness

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Feeling so guilty for putting my 5 month old kitten to sleep. Did I do the right thing?

My boyfriend and I adopted a very sweet kitten from a local shelter in September. He was sick when we got him but he 'chose us' and I loved him and…

ASKED BY Member 1200185 on 11/19/13
TAGGED petloss, death, kitten IN Health & Wellness

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