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PLEASE HELP!!!My 1st rescued cat hates the other 3, & pees just outside the litterbox. WHY??? How do we stop her?

My 1st rescue,Onyx, an approx 7 yr old female, has never adjusted to the 3 male kittens I rescued 2 yrs ago. At best she ignores them or tolerates a…

ASKED BY Member 1178857 on 8/2/13
TAGGED peeing, litterboxproblem, urination, smell, concrete IN Behavior & Training

Louie (1996-2013)

Why does she poop on concrete?

My boyfriend is house sitting for his parents and he noticed their old cat sometimes uses the garage floor to poopie despite having a couple boxes…

ASKED BY Louie (1996-2013) on 8/12/09
TAGGED litterbox, concrete IN Urine Marking & House Soiling