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My cat has an oozing and gaping hole above his anus, what is it?

Hello, my cat, Jet has an open hole/wound above his anus and the area surrounding this is very pink and slightly oozy. There is a long vertical scab…

ASKED BY Member 1232860 on 8/26/14
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My mom abuses my kitten! Help?

I got a new kitten. He is 3 months old. I love him to death and he loves me to death!! He doesn't sleep or eat when i'm not there and showers me…

ASKED BY Member 1196392 on 11/17/13
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My cat is constantly drooling and he is also opening and closing his mouth for ages... Does anyone know why?

He is almost a year old and goes out a lot, he's been drooling and opening and closing his mouth. When he opening and closing his mouth there is no…

ASKED BY Member 1176673 on 6/23/13
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My kitten suddenly started not using her back legs and crying a lot, and never seems to get confortable, what could it b?

this was sudden over a few hours time, Fine yesterday.

ASKED BY Member 743369 on 9/27/08
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What is wrong with me?

I am barely eating lately (I'm barely touching my food, and prefer my water over food these days). My mom has tried Periactin to get me to eat, and…

ASKED BY Patches (Now In Kitty Heaven) on 12/9/07
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