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My cat has lived with other cats until recently. Should I get her another cat companion?

I rescued Stella when she was about 4 months old. I had 2 older cats at the time. All got along but werent besties. 1 passed year half ago from…

ASKED BY Member 1238881 on 12/11/14
TAGGED companion, death IN Socialization

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I am planning to get another kitten soon to keep my current one company. Is this wise, given the age gap between them?

Both spayed females, both Russian Blues, both from the same breeder. I was planning on getting the 2nd as a companion/playmate for my current one…

ASKED BY Member 1173069 on 6/1/13
TAGGED kittens, introducingkittens, playmates, companions IN Other Kittens


Should I bring home another companion cat for my current cat?

My current cat is Ginoza, a two year old neutered male. He was recently adopted from a county shelter this month, and he adjusted very well to his new…

ASKED BY Ginoza on 12/31/12
TAGGED companion, anothercat IN Socialization

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Is there any way I can make my kitten grow up to be my best friend?

I have been having trouble bonding with my kitten, Nala. She doesn't mind me being around or picking her up, but I don't want her to go grow up and…

ASKED BY Member 1130819 on 9/14/12
TAGGED kitten, bonding, companionship IN Socialization

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I adopted a new friend for my kitty, but now I'm worried I made a mistake?

I have a 4 year old (Bella), who is a sweet little black tuxedo girl. She's very social, chatty, but independent. We got her as a companion for our…

ASKED BY Member 435208 on 7/10/12
TAGGED companion, friend, doubt, newcat, adoption, hissing, lonely, help IN Other Behavior & Training


Would our cat like a companion?

My husband and I adopted a two year old male cat about a year ago. We are both full time students who work and are away from home most of the day…

ASKED BY Phillips on 6/25/12
TAGGED companion, secondcat, newcat, newpet, playmate IN Choosing the Right Pet

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