Cat got a cold?

My husband and I are brand-new kitty parents and my girl, Stoli, has been sneezing a lot with a running nose. She isn't sluggish at all and is…

ASKED BY Stoli on 1/6/13
TAGGED kitten, cold, sneezing IN Illness & Disease

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My cat has URI but is allergic to meds. Vet says to wait it out. Should I get another vet?

I adopted a Siamese mix (chocolate point) from the SPCA on Friday. She came home with a upper respiratory infection (my previous kitties have had them…

ASKED BY Member 1143557 on 12/4/12
TAGGED upperrespiratoryinfection, kittens, siamese, cold, flu, allergy, antibiotic IN Health & Wellness

Princess Puss

My cat has a stuffy nose. She reminds me of myself when I have a cold/sinus/allergy problem?

She sounds like she needs to blow her nose. Her lungs sound clear, she's not wheezing. (I often curl up and lay my head on her little chest…

ASKED BY Princess Puss on 12/1/12
TAGGED stuffynose, sinus, allergies, cold IN Allergies

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I am not sure what illness he has... cold? allergies?

My cat started sneezing three days ago. there was no mucous at first and i figured maybe he sniffed something like pepper and it would pass. it…

ASKED BY Member 1133714 on 10/1/12
TAGGED cold, allergies, sneeze IN Illness & Disease

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11 month old kitten, worried kitty-mommy. Please help?

My 11 month old kitten (neutered male) has always been very healthy. Then a few days ago my roommates both bought cat nip scratching boards and we had…

ASKED BY Member 1122319 on 7/24/12
TAGGED kitty, sore, tongue, cold, puffy, eye, watery, runny, nose IN Health & Wellness


What is a good way to keep your cats paws warm in winter without using booties or socks?

My cats are outdoor cats most of the time and where we live, (the lovley Minnesota!!(: haha) and there is snow and ice all over the place. We were…

ASKED BY George on 1/21/12
TAGGED pads, cold, winter, snow, feline, cat, kitties, weather, hay, booties IN Other Health & Wellness


Unsure what to do about a stray.…

We have a large floor to ceiling window, and 1 indoor hypoallergenic cat. About 2 years ago this small friendly stray started coming around to…

ASKED BY Beck on 1/1/12
TAGGED stray, winter, cold IN Shelters & Rescue

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