Bruce Wayne Faulk

Adding any HTML code in Extra bio field adds long horizontal scroll bar at bottom of my pet's page?

I am trying to dress up my kitty's page by adding some HTML using guides I have found on Catster. The problem I am running into is that everything…

ASKED BY Bruce Wayne Faulk on 12/28/12
TAGGED html, code, extrabiofield, scrollbar, petpage, css IN Pet Page


Our boy cat got desexed 3 days ago and is even more physco and desperate to go outside than before, Why?

Well he was desexed on friday and is running around more and we thought that after he got desexed he would calm down and become a bit more cuddly…

ASKED BY Merlin on 7/13/08
TAGGED merlinphyscodesexed IN Behavior & Training

♥ Arwen ♥

How do I make the green menu background dissappear? and How do I change the special gifts background?

Is there a code I can copy to change my menu background from green or can I make it invisible?

ASKED BY ♥ Arwen ♥ on 2/7/08
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How do you use html in diary entries?

How do you put html codes into your diary entries?

ASKED BY Member 499103 on 10/7/07
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