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Black Smoke Show Cat?

I have a black smoke Devon Rex show/breeder cat and I want to know what I can do to keep her coat black, other than trying to keep her out of direct…

ASKED BY Member 1248704 on 6/29/15
TAGGED black, blacksmoke, showingblackcats, showgrooming, maintaincoatcolor IN Grooming


How to treat a cat with dry skin?

Hi. One of my cats seems to have very dry skin. I'll explain the situation, it took a while to figure out what the issue was. He is 10 years old and…

ASKED BY Tigger on 2/13/13
TAGGED male, skin, sensitive, shedding, coat IN Skin Problems

Captain Jack

My black cat isn't always black.…

My 2 year old male Angora is black- even half of the inside of his mouth- but when he lays in the sunlight his fur looks very red! I am not crazy…

ASKED BY Captain Jack on 12/19/12
TAGGED color, coat, black IN Breeds A-H


How big will I get?

My sister and I are new here and still kittens. We are currently 3 months old and already weigh 4 pounds. We are not overweight by any means, but…

ASKED BY Milly on 12/12/12
TAGGED sizeweightcoat IN Chantilly/Tiffany


Can anyone suggest a substitute for Royal Canin Hairball dry food?

I tried to switch my Wedgie over to RC from Iams to give her a better coat and reduce hairballs. And I wanted to feed her a better quality food. But…

ASKED BY Poof on 12/7/12
TAGGED brands, food, mediumcoat, hairballs IN Pet Food

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My cat is sick and i need help?

my cat is a 2 yr old male orange kitty. he doesnt seem well today at all. i have noticed the past 2 days that his coat looks pretty dull and today…

ASKED BY Member 1140095 on 11/10/12
TAGGED vomit, sick, dullcoat, sleep, lackofappetite IN Other Health & Wellness

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