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Black Smoke Show Cat?

I have a black smoke Devon Rex show/breeder cat and I want to know what I can do to keep her coat black, other than trying to keep her out of direct…

ASKED BY Member 1248704 21 hours, 25 minutes ago
TAGGED black, blacksmoke, showingblackcats, showgrooming, maintaincoatcolor IN Grooming


How to treat a cat with dry skin?

Hi. One of my cats seems to have very dry skin. I'll explain the situation, it took a while to figure out what the issue was. He is 10 years old and…

ASKED BY Tigger on 2/13/13
TAGGED male, skin, sensitive, shedding, coat IN Skin Problems

Captain Jack

My black cat isn't always black.…

My 2 year old male Angora is black- even half of the inside of his mouth- but when he lays in the sunlight his fur looks very red! I am not crazy…

ASKED BY Captain Jack on 12/19/12
TAGGED color, coat, black IN Breeds A-H


How big will I get?

My sister and I are new here and still kittens. We are currently 3 months old and already weigh 4 pounds. We are not overweight by any means, but…

ASKED BY Milly on 12/12/12
TAGGED sizeweightcoat IN Chantilly/Tiffany


Can anyone suggest a substitute for Royal Canin Hairball dry food?

I tried to switch my Wedgie over to RC from Iams to give her a better coat and reduce hairballs. And I wanted to feed her a better quality food. But…

ASKED BY Poof on 12/7/12
TAGGED brands, food, mediumcoat, hairballs IN Pet Food

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My cat is sick and i need help?

my cat is a 2 yr old male orange kitty. he doesnt seem well today at all. i have noticed the past 2 days that his coat looks pretty dull and today…

ASKED BY Member 1140095 on 11/10/12
TAGGED vomit, sick, dullcoat, sleep, lackofappetite IN Other Health & Wellness

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