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Why does my cat wake me up early every morning?

My cat wakes us up by scratching underneath the bed at 4am every morning. He thinks it's a game and loves to be chased. He bolts out of the room…

ASKED BY Member 1240043 on 1/3/15
TAGGED aggression, wakingup, chasing IN Other Behavior & Training

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One cat hisses till the other attacks. Help?

So my cat and I moved in with my mom and her cat and there's been problems. Her cat will hiss at mine every time she sees her and at first mine…

ASKED BY Member 1208360 on 1/8/14
TAGGED newcats, hissing, attacking, chasing, fighting, females, aggression, cats IN Aggression

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My cat is biting the testicle area of my other neutered cat?

My older 11 month old spayed cat is biting and scratching the testicle area of my just neutered 5 month old. Can anyone explain this and how can…

ASKED BY Member 1185239 on 8/12/13
TAGGED roughhousing, chasing IN Aggression

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Are my cats playing or fighting?

I have had one 3year old female rescue cat (RIA) for a while now and have recently introduced a same aged male rescue cat (Percy)... at first ria…

ASKED BY Member 1156872 on 2/25/13
TAGGED rescuecats, chasing, playing, talking, batting, growling IN Socialization

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How do I make my cats get along? One of them seems to be terrorising the other.…

Hi, I'm just looking for some advice - I have had my first cat since he was old enough to live away from his mother and he is now about 2 - 2 1/2…

ASKED BY Member 1090627 on 2/8/12
TAGGED chasing, hiding, terrorising IN Socialization

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Why is my cat being aggressive towards my other cat?

My husband and I have three cats. My husband recently moved in the house after being away for 3 years in the military.Ever since Riley(the queen cat…

ASKED BY Member 1056111 on 9/15/11
TAGGED hissing, chasing IN Aggression

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