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Will be kitty be okay?

I have a beautiful kitty named Luna. She is 8 months old, spayed and has been living with me since she was just 8 weeks. Unfortunately, the last…

ASKED BY Member 1249225 on 1/9/16
TAGGED catfever, fever, ill, disease, catbite, lethargic, sleepy, sleepy, sleepingalot, catfight, vets, operation, antibiotics, fluids IN Health & Wellness

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Tried Everything to stop Kitten from Viciously Fighting Cat HELP?

I Can't Stop Cats From Fighting, These All FAILED: 1. Rehome Cuddle, she was a stray. Turns out, no one else wanted her so I had to keep her. The…

ASKED BY Member 1229447 on 7/11/14
TAGGED cat, kitten, fighting, sentry, calm, collar, aggressive, wounds, biting, hissing, scratching, catfight, attack, humans, dogs, spayed, hunts, fear IN Aggression

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Cat fights between my two cats who haved known each other since kittens, What can I do?

I have two persian cats who have always been indoors, a female and a male. They have been together since they were kittens and have always had a…

ASKED BY Member 1212203 on 2/20/14
TAGGED catfights, cataggression IN Behavior & Training


My cat keeps escaping outside. He has no claws so he got into a fight tonight and he injured his ear?

I need help on how to prevent this in the future.

ASKED BY Queso on 10/21/12
TAGGED catfight, escape, help IN Behavior & Training


My little female 1 year old cat will not accept the new 6 year old large male we just adopted?

Adopted female 6 months ago, very small 1 year old. 3 weeks ago we adopted a large young male and the female will not quit screaming or hissing at…

ASKED BY Hope on 9/8/12
TAGGED catfighting, newcats IN Aggression

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Will puncture from cat fight heal with only antibi. and peroxide on it? Over night stay unaffordable. perox. put on it?

My cat was in a fight and came home only a few hours after. I found a puncture and another not so severe wound. Vet wanted to keep over night to…

ASKED BY Member 1051630 on 9/3/11
TAGGED catfightandwounds IN Health & Wellness

Bruce Lee

My Turkish Angora cat "Bruce Lee" has been neutered but attacks all the other cats in the block, what can I do?

I have to take him out on his lead all the time (and he doesn't mind this at all) so I can get him back if he sees the other cats otherwise he just…

ASKED BY Bruce Lee on 3/18/10
TAGGED neuteredturkishangoracatfightingothersintheblock IN Behavior & Training

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How do I stop my larger male cat from attacking my smaller female cat?

I have two female cats that are 11 and 10 years old. Three months ago I got a 7 year old, 30 lbs. raggamuffin. I kept them apart for about a month and…

ASKED BY Member 949321 on 2/2/10
TAGGED catfights IN Aggression

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