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New cat adoption and brushing?

I just recently adopted a cat that is about 2 years old. I have mild allergies and need to brush her and would like to per her, however she does not…

ASKED BY Member 1182460 on 7/26/13
TAGGED brushing, petting, yearoldcat IN Fears & Phobias


Teeth Brushing?

So my mama started brushing my teeth. I am a very well-behaved boy. I do not bite or scratch, so I just wiggled and whined. She got most of my teeth…

ASKED BY Zedd on 1/20/13
TAGGED teeth, toothbrush, brushing IN Dental Care

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What works really good at picking up cat hair?

I`m an indoor only 10 month old kitty, but lately I`ve been shedding lots of hair. I know it`s because the weather is getting really nice here in…

ASKED BY Member 1003304 on 5/8/11
TAGGED sheddingfur, brushingfur IN Home Grooming

Trent (Angel)

My cat seems to like being brushed, but sometimes he seems to quickly snap and bite me?

He flops his little tail around and moves around showing where he wants to be brushed, but just then he quickly nipped me! I walked away and stopped…

ASKED BY Trent (Angel) on 1/25/11
TAGGED brushing, biting, nipping IN Aggression

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Why did my cat attack/bite my leg after I brushed him?

I was brushing my cat like I do every other day. He enjoys it. He rolls over on the sides and purrs. Today was the same, except when I got up he…

ASKED BY Member 849317 on 6/25/09
TAGGED brushing, biting IN Grooming

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My mom has allergies and a stray who leaves much dander. What helps aside from cleaning alot?

I have always had cats and learn alot from them but this allergy problem has me concerned because my mom is 76 w/ severe allergies but she can't let…

ASKED BY Member 793114 on 4/13/09
TAGGED allergies, asthma, dander, products, brushing IN Home Grooming

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Should you ever brush or comb against the way the fur lays?

I have just gotten a new Persian kitten and in a couple of the care books that I have read it says that you should brush against the way the fur lays…

ASKED BY Member 799711 on 2/19/09
TAGGED groomingbrushing IN Home Grooming

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