Toki Wartooth

Does anyone have an opinion on my cat's possible breed(s)?

We found Toki when she was just a 4-week-old kitten, lost and alone, so we really have no idea what her parents might have looked like. Almost a year…

ASKED BY Toki Wartooth 3 weeks, 4 days ago
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We absolutely love our cat just like a family member. But we have gotten fed up with his bad behaviors. We need advice?

We absolutely love our cat just like family. But we have gotten fed up with his bad behaviors. We got our cat when he was 6 months old on the…

ASKED BY Member 1228604 on 6/12/14
TAGGED adoption, cat, black, bottomfeeder, help IN Other Behavior & Training

   Toki Wartooth

Just wondering if anyone has an opinion on my cat's possible breed(s)?

She has slightly tufted ears (not on top so much, but inside), tufted paws, long thick fur, and a long fluffy tail. Her paws seems pretty small…

ASKED BY Toki Wartooth on 6/9/14
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HELP, My small black and white cat recently came back from the garden with a bad limp?

We quickly inspected it and found an open wound half way up her leg, it is slightly swolen and red, but quite small. She has been progressively…

ASKED BY Member 1178261 on 7/3/13
TAGGED help, wound, leg, limp, black, and, white, small, cat IN Health & Wellness

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My has black specks around the individual strands of his fur when looked at under a microscope?

Today I looked at my cats hair under a microscope, and say that there were small black microscopic specks with a clear interior. My cat is 7 years old…

ASKED BY Member 1153601 on 2/4/13
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Why does my cat flip her head violently while playing?

My Cat has always been this way. When ever she would play with another cat or with a simple toy. My cat will flip her head violently. She isn't hurt…

ASKED BY Member 1145917 on 12/19/12
TAGGED black, tabby, cat, flips, head, violent, violently, while, playing IN Socialization

Captain Jack

My black cat isn't always black.…

My 2 year old male Angora is black- even half of the inside of his mouth- but when he lays in the sunlight his fur looks very red! I am not crazy…

ASKED BY Captain Jack on 12/19/12
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What cat breed is right for me?

I'm interested in getting my first cat. I want a cat that is very affectionate but that can also be independent. I also want to get a black female…

ASKED BY Member 1141346 on 11/19/12
TAGGED blackcat, firsttimeowner, bombay, americanshorthair, americanwirehair IN Breeds

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