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My younger cat started fight (to death) older cat?

So my younger cat is 6 year old and older one is half year older. They have been great friends from their meetup and are indoor cats (they go to…

ASKED BY Member 1248344 on 6/20/15
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My male cat is viciously attacking my wife - not often, but when it happens it's very bloody and dangerous?

I have 3 cats, 1 male and 2 females, all neutered/spade. Let me start this off by saying my male cat is the sweetest animal I have ever known, he…

ASKED BY Member 1236321 on 10/26/14
TAGGED attacks, attack, angry IN Aggression


Preventing male attacks on unneutered male?

So, the last question I asked was answered and I was happy with it but here's another question towards the same point. Long story short - my kitten…

ASKED BY Yuki on 10/6/13
TAGGED unneutered, cats, male, kitten, attacks, attack, yuki, as, soon, possible, neutering, male, female, mate, hurt, injuries, owner, breed, yuki, outdoors, street IN Health & Safety

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I have a 2 yr old male cat. He's always been violent but its getting worse.He scarred my face badly yesterday unprovoked?

I have a male cat called Star who I've raised from a kitten. We have a closer bond than most humans, I love him. He's very intelligent and though he's…

ASKED BY Member 1156112 on 2/20/13
TAGGED violent, unprovoked, attacks IN Aggression

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Issues with 'Newish' Cats, Territory, Socialization and Anxiety! Help?

Several months ago, I adopted two new cats from the humane shelter [a boy, a girl]. They have both acclimated very well with my other cat [8-9] but…

ASKED BY Member 1127892 on 8/27/12
TAGGED cat, cats, anxiety, socialization, social, help, adopt, new, newcats, youngcat, oldercat, attacks, attack, avoidance IN Behavior & Training

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1 year old cat attacking older 7 year old cat?

We saved a stray, had him fixed a week after getting him and 2 days after getting him our 1 year old male started attacked our 7 year old male…

ASKED BY Member 1094608 on 2/23/12
TAGGED cat, catattacks, help IN Behavior & Training


My 6 yr old neutered male cat attacks my other cats- he gets them from behind and goes for the back of their necks and?

literally gets a death grip on them locking his jaw onto them - he has done this since he was little. i have 3 other cats a 12 yr old male…

ASKED BY merano on 1/24/12
TAGGED attacksothers IN Behavior & Training

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Why is my cat all of a sudden aggressive?

Sunday I slipped coming down the stairs and the cat was next to me, I must've scared him because he went flying down the stairs with his tail puffed…

ASKED BY Member 1046238 on 8/16/11
TAGGED agression, attacks, dog IN Aggression

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