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My cat can become so aggressive and I don't know where to turn?

my cat can become so aggressive & I don't know where to turn. I have already had to attend the hospital twice due to being bitten & the tracking…

ASKED BY Member 1242256 on 2/11/15
TAGGED biting, attacking, aggressive IN Behavior & Training

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My three year old cat suddenly attacked my calf earlier while i was dying my hair. Could it be the smell of the ammonia?

He's very affectionate towards myself and my other cat, so i was very concerned. He's also been pooping in the bathtub if i'm not home for extended…

ASKED BY Member 1240788 on 1/14/15
TAGGED attackingseperationsmellchanges IN Other Behavior & Training

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One cat hisses till the other attacks. Help?

So my cat and I moved in with my mom and her cat and there's been problems. Her cat will hiss at mine every time she sees her and at first mine…

ASKED BY Member 1208360 on 1/8/14
TAGGED newcats, hissing, attacking, chasing, fighting, females, aggression, cats IN Aggression

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Male spayed cats keeps attacking female cats and then meowing when i separate them?

I have 3 indoor cats 2 girls one boy the boy is only just 1 but very large and the girls are 3 and 4 the boy constantly attacks the girls he has…

ASKED BY Member 1195388 on 10/21/13
TAGGED attacking IN Aggression


5 month old kitten attaching me? How do I get him to stop?

Milan is 5 months old and started attacking me a week ago. He is scheduled to be neutered in 2 weeks. He has always been playful but I am not so…

ASKED BY Milan on 10/7/13
TAGGED attacking, puberty, neutering IN Aggression


Why is my cat being so unhappy and mean lately?

I got my kitty a few days ago this week, when I found him among his brother and sister at a friends house. He liked me most out of all the kittens, so…

ASKED BY Patch on 9/7/13
TAGGED mean, attacking, unhappy IN Aggression


Very Sudden Development of Aggression Issues?

I own an 8-year-old neutered male cat named Virgil. In all of the years I've known him, he has always had a sweet, extremely affectionate, and…

ASKED BY Virgil on 6/11/13
TAGGED adult, biting, meowing, aggression, attacking, suddenchange, lonecat, behaviorchange IN Aggression

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