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Helping cats adjust to a new home?

I unexpectedly took in 2 cats who were going to be thrown away by their owner. I have them in a spare bedroom with everything they need and I check on…

ASKED BY Member 1249511 on 7/21/15
TAGGED food, newhome, water, dogsandcats IN Adoption & Rescue

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I got a new playmate for my old cat and now she acts strange?

This isn't what you think. new kitten comes home, old cat hates it and now hates the owner. My old cat (13 months old) was very lonely. I live in a…

ASKED BY Member 1248845 on 7/2/15
TAGGED playmate, behavior, affection, lonely, strange IN Behavior & Training

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My new cat is super shy, scared of everything but being petted?

I just adopted a very shy cat (2.3y). It has been 2 weeks but she still runs away if people are around. I think she really likes to be petted and…

ASKED BY Member 1248023 on 6/12/15
TAGGED shy, unmotivatedbyfood IN Behavior & Training

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My 2 months kitten woke up with his left eye watery, and then it became red?

My 2 months kitten woke up this morning with his left eye red and watery I made some research and I thing it's something called pinkeye is it like…

ASKED BY Member 1247408 on 6/8/15
TAGGED kitten, health, eye, watery, redness IN Skin Problems

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Help family member with cat problems. Health issues but owner wont do anything about them. I dont know what to do. Help?

I am 20 I live with my grandmother and my two aunts the room I share with my cousins frequently is a hangout for there two cats which wouldn't be a…

ASKED BY Member 1247428 on 6/1/15
TAGGED problems, sick, cats, roommate IN Animal Welfare

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My cat is letting off an odd odor, what is causing it?

so my male cat snuck out side (hes supposed to be an indoor cat) and he came back 6-7 hours later with one of his hind paws hurt and a couple…

ASKED BY Member 1246713 on 5/15/15
TAGGED odorsmellsuddenpooaffectionatehurt IN Behavior & Training

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Please Help! Need advice ASAP! Mother in Law wants to Bring cat! Our cat hates cats?

Our mother in law has a big black declawed (front paws) cat. And my mother in law and sister are moving into our tiny two bedroom until we can get…

ASKED BY Member 1221022 on 5/4/15
TAGGED fight, hate, territorial, bite, scratch, kick, anger, dominant, space, battle IN Behavior & Training

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8 week old cat has all of a sudden stopped being affectionate+ he wont stop meowing but we're doing everything for him?

I recently got a healthy boy kitten (2 weeks ago) and at first he was very affectionate and loving but a week ago his behaviour changed.Im getting…

ASKED BY Member 1245266 on 4/16/15
TAGGED behaviour, kitten, isolated IN Kittens

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