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Removing litter pans?

Growing up we had indoor-outdoor cats and NEVER used litter pans with no problem. I have 3 indoor-outdoor cats. They come in the house and use the…

ASKED BY Member 1245740 8 hours, 33 minutes ago
TAGGED litter, outdoorcat, indoorcat, indooroutdoorcat, outdoorindoorcat IN Behavior & Training

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My cat suddenly attacked my dog why?

Kitty has suddenly viciously attacked Zuma(Female dog, Belgian Sheperd) for no apparent reason. They have lived together for two years and have…

ASKED BY Member 1245558 3 days, 13 hours ago
TAGGED agression, cat, dog, problem IN Aggression

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What is going on with my cat?

I don't know what is going on. My cat who I've had since she was 4 weeks never cared for me at all. She would go out of her way to avoid me. She is…

ASKED BY Member 1245488 5 days, 8 hours ago
TAGGED cat, affection, clawing, howling, clingy IN Other Behavior & Training

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Need opinions -- which breed is best?

I just lost my cat, Whiskers, today. I will be getting a new cat eventually but I need to know which cat is best. I narrowed it down to American…

ASKED BY Member 1245418 6 days, 17 hours ago
TAGGED breed, american, short, hair, norwegian, forest, cat IN Adoption & Rescue

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Cat having odd symptoms, possible stroke, vet doesn't know what's wrong, anyone experience these symptoms?

Few days ago my cat choked on her dry food twice in one day to the point that I had to hit her side to force the food out. Next day her left eye…

ASKED BY Member 1245368 1 week ago
TAGGED stroke, neurologicalissues, twitching, mouthbreathing, oddsymptoms IN Health & Wellness

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HELP I've never been this upset in my life - my newly adopted female cat got out outside and we can't find her anywhere?

I have no idea how, but my 8 mo female spayed cat got out. Neither of us saw her get out, but we were doing spring cleaning all I can think is that…

ASKED BY Member 1243128 1 week, 1 day ago
TAGGED lost, female, spayed, missing, indoorcatgotout, gotout, indoorcat IN Loss of a Pet

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8 week old cat has all of a sudden stopped being affectionate+ he wont stop meowing but we're doing everything for him?

I recently got a healthy boy kitten (2 weeks ago) and at first he was very affectionate and loving but a week ago his behaviour changed.Im getting…

ASKED BY Member 1245266 1 week, 2 days ago
TAGGED behaviour, kitten, isolated IN Kittens

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Suddenly non-responsive to affection and non-affectionate?

MY husband adopted a 8-10 month-old kitten and for the last several weeks so has been really affectionate and loving. But after my son practiced his…

ASKED BY Member 1243715 1 week, 2 days ago
TAGGED suddenlynonresponsivetoaffectionandhasbecomenonaffectionate IN Behavior & Training

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