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HELP! I made an account, I don't know how to change my profile picture, and when I ask a question it says I'm a guest?

I made an account a few weeks ago, and I don't know how to change my avatar. Whenever I ask a question (like this one) I come up as a guest with the…

ASKED BY Member 1240453 on 1/26/15
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How many meows a day? - need data please?

I'm doing a research project about cat vocalization and I'm wondering if you have time to help me? How many times does your cat meow during one day…

ASKED BY Member 1168606 on 5/4/13
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Why am i not allowed to answer my own question?

i found a simple answer on my own question but i cant post it? thats stupid. my nice cat who went outside and came back mean is nice again. she and…

ASKED BY Member 1071518 on 11/25/11
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Angel ♥Kally Kat♥

When viewing the Answer page, how come if I'm at the 4th pg. then I can't go to the next page?

I like to go to the Answer pages, but when I click on that Question to read, then where do I go to the next Question? I've been clicking on the…

ASKED BY Angel ♥Kally Kat♥ on 3/29/09
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mui mui

Whats mui mui's breed?

ASKED BY mui mui on 9/18/08
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How do i get my cat from unloveable to more loveable?

When i first got my cat MissKitty she was soo loveable but ever sence she had 4 babbies its just gettin worse and worse.=(

ASKED BY MissKitty on 9/7/08
TAGGED unloveable, loveable, cat, answers, misskitty IN Other Behavior & Training

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