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My 13 yr old Izzy kitty was recently diagnosed with cancer on her leg?

She is otherwise in good health with a stable thyroid disorder and mild kidney disease. After a lot of education and self exploration we are…

ASKED BY Isabel In Loving Memory on 12/10/12
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I have a cat who lost her right back leg. What should I do for her long term health and to avoid future spinal problems?

I have a cat who lost her right back leg. She catches birds, found a way to climb over my fence by sticking her arms through the chain links, she is…

ASKED BY Member 1025676 on 3/5/11
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I went to the vet to get my splint changed -my paw looked shrunken! It was 1/2 the size of my other paw. Is this normal?

I've had my leg in a splint for four weeks - I know it will atrophy, but my paw was TINY! Will I have to get it amputated?? :(

ASKED BY Roosevelt on 12/31/09
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