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Why are our cats more aggressive with each other now and how can we fix it?

Two of our cats have been fighting recently. They've never been best friends, but they've lived together for 2 years now and have been fighting a…

ASKED BY Member 1187392 on 8/27/13
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How to stop 4 month old neutered male from aggressively jumping on the back & biting neck of 5 year old spayed female?

Alfie is a 4 months old mixed Russian Blue and full of energy little kitten. But when he sees Shayna, who is a full grown 5 year old female tiger…

ASKED BY Member 861399 on 7/27/09
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Update on Sherbert... And more questions from the clueless first time owner?

Dunno why Catster won't let us answer our own questions, but I just wanted to say thanks to all those who answered my question. We've recently…

ASKED BY Sherbert Goh-Morgan on 5/27/08
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