Cow Girl

Ways to help my cat be less scared of being touched?

I've had my second cat since Halloween, we assume she wasn't socialized as a kitten(we think she's about one) because she's very scared of being…

ASKED BY Cow Girl on 2/1/15
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Its been 5 weeks but still unable to pet the new cat?

My elderly friend was given a two year old cat because her owner was moving away. The previous owner got her as a 4 week old kitten. It's been…

ASKED BY Member 1229005 on 8/25/14
TAGGED socialization, afraid, hides, newhome IN Fears & Phobias


My cat is terrified of new people. She won't hide when people come over unless they try to touch her. If they do she wil?

She is 2 years old and her entire life in my house she has been closed in the laundry room every night to keep her from waking us up. I think that…

ASKED BY Boo on 5/16/13
TAGGED afraidhissinggrowlingnewpeople IN Behavior & Training

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How do I socialize my two year old omestic cat?

I just got a two year old house cat from an owner who did not want her anymore. She has formed a weak bond with me and still often tries to get away…

ASKED BY Member 1034906 on 5/24/11
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How do you draw out an unsocialized but attention craving 5 y/o neutered cat?

We just got back a cat that family members had technically stolen from us, and he is so shy now. He is afraid of coming out from the bathroom. He…

ASKED BY Member 996230 on 7/9/10
TAGGED shy, afraid, unsocialized, possiblyabused IN Socialization


My indoor cat got out and I can't get her back in?

I adopted a wild kitten and tamed her and brought her in. She had been in from Sept. till May 29 when she tore a hole in a window screen and got…

ASKED BY baby on 6/1/10
TAGGED cat, lost, afraid, catch IN The Catster Website


My cat is terrified of strangers, is there any hope for him?

My cat has been terrified of strangers ever since my cousins picked him up by his tail when he was a kitten. I feel like he's missing a lot of life…

ASKED BY Wilbur on 4/22/10
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How can I help my neurotic cat?

We have two cats and two dogs in our house. One of the cats seems to have a serious anxiety issue. It's as though he's two different cats. At times…

ASKED BY Member 934209 on 12/30/09
TAGGED fear, anxiety, stress, afraid IN Fears & Phobias

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