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Why is my 4 year old cat suddenly so affectionate?

I adopted Apricot & Spice from a local shelter 2.5 yrs ago. The first 3 months I had them my charismatic cat Apricot was unbelievably affectionate…

ASKED BY Member 1188988 2 weeks ago
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Help understanding?

I just got my new buddy tux last month. And he like to be under foot, he followes me everywhere. And in that time ive accidentally chin checked him…

ASKED BY Member 1226475 on 5/13/14
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My cat is very difficult and not very loving. After 3 years she isnt going to change.Should I take her back?

She will let me pet her if i am in the bathroom or she is on the floor upside down, but when I pet her tummy she will bite and scratch me and draw…

ASKED BY Member 1215454 on 3/11/14
TAGGED behavior, adoption, affection IN Adoption & Rescue

Luna Skye

My cat was rescued end of Jan '13. She is affectionate but wont sit with me on my lap. What can I do to try and change?

we've had her for almost 4 mos. She's affectionate and will come sleep up in my bed next to me most nights for at least some of the night or most. But…

ASKED BY Luna Skye on 5/6/13
TAGGED cuddling, lapsitting, affection, lapsitting IN Fears & Phobias

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After he eats or plays, why does he stare at me until I sit down next to him so that he can lay down?

I adopted him at 4 months, and he does this when I'm sitting in a chair.

ASKED BY Member 1152045 on 1/26/13
TAGGED stare, affection, eyes IN Other Behavior & Training

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I adopted a kitten in October and I don't feel like I love him. Will I eventually?

I fostered this cat when he was 6 weeks old. I agreed to adopt him but he's not cuddly and I don't feel close to him. I find myself getting easily…

ASKED BY Member 1150907 on 1/19/13
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My cat is extremely affectionate and needy. It has gotten worse over the past 8 months and its driving me insane. Help?

Its getting to the point where I literally can't sit down without him climbing and meowing allover me. He is roughly 8 in human years, and is a…

ASKED BY Member 1137083 on 10/22/12
TAGGED behaviour, affectionate, loving IN Behavior & Training

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