Youngest cat starting to Dominate older cats

Cosmo came into our house a little over a year ago, at about a year old. We've had him neutered. In the past few weeks, his "playing" has turned more serious and he's starting to try to dominate the other, older cats. Everything from stalking them to chasing them to trying to hump them. At the moment, we are resorting to squirt guns and the occasional "time out" in the bathroom when he gets too aggressive. What else can we do to calm him down or get him to leave the others alone? Side note...This could develop into a bad situation because Cosmo has tested FIV+. He's been pretty good with everyone up until now, but I don't want him to get overly aggressive to the point where he bites.

Asked by Chester on Jan 17th 2014 Tagged fighting, dominant in Aggression
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Panda Bear

Give him more toys, treats and vertical climbing space, like a cat tree. He's fully grown now, and his size is now closer to that of the older males, correct? Usually a male will not try to usurp the territory of a female as forcefully, and vice-versa. You can treat rooms with calming spray and use a pheromone diffuser to calm him down (it will work for the others too). You can also put him in a bedroom as a "time out" whenever this happens for four hours. After a few corrections, he will get the drift of what happens when he misbehaves. Also add 1/3 white vinegar to your spray bottle. It will keep mildew out, is harmless and edible, but MUCH more unpleasant than a dousing with water alone, which for my cats is not a deterrent at all. ^_^ Good luck!!

Panda Bear answered on 1/18/14. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Give your cosmo more toys to play and understand his body language.

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